Kifudo painting (黄不動)

Kifudo painting is a 'hibutsu' (Buddhist image normally withheld from public view) of a standing statue of Fudomyoo (cetaka), the entire body of which is yellow, handed down to Onjo-ji Temple, commonly called Mii-dera Temple, in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture. It was a product of the early Heian period and designated a National Treasure. It is said that it depicts the image with which a priest Enchin was in the state of enlightenment. It is one of the 3 major Fudo, and has another name, Konjiki Fudomyoo (literally, Gold Cetaka).

Although many facsimiles of fudomyoo handed down to Manshu-in Temple in Kyoto, etc. stand on iwakura (dwelling place of a god, usually in reference to a large rock), this one was painted as standing on the empty sky fully on paper, because it depicted the actual scene of the state of enlightenment of Enchin. Also, nothing is painted in the background, to show the state of emptiness.

Enchin was in the state of enlightenment with this Kifudo many times on Mt. Hiei and on the way to the Tang Dynasty, and he was helped by it when he was in fear of his life.

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