Kikai (喜海)

1178 - January 13, 1251) was a Kegon sect priest in the middle of the Kamakura period. His pseudonym (pen name) was Girin-bo.

He entered Tsuganoo Kozan-ji Temple in Yamashiro Province and learned Kegon Thought under Myoe.
Together with Myoe, Kikai engaged in copying and collating Kegon Thought and its commentary, 'Kegon-kyo Tangen-ki.'
In the Okibumi (Will and Testament) of Myoe, Kikai was approved as the head student of Kozan-ji Temple as one of the Kuju disciples of Kozan-ji Temple, and lived in Kozan-ji Jumujinin Temple after Myoe's death. Kozan-ji Myoe-shonin Gyojo,' which described Myoe's conduct, was famous. His disciples included Jokai and Bensei.

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