Koho (杲宝)

Koho (1306 - July 28, 1362) was a Shingon sect scholar-monk during the period of the Northern and Southern Courts. Some say he was from Shimotsuke Province and others say he was from Tajima Province. He was the first head priest of To-ji Kanchi-in Temple.

In his childhood he went up to Mt. Koya to become a priest, and thereafter, he studied Shingon Mikkyo, a form of Esoteric Buddhism, under Raiho of Bodaiin of Toji Temple. Then, he underwent the ritual of consecration for Sanboryu by Joho of Makinoosan, and received the Dharma transmission abhiseka by Yokai of Jisonin of Kajuji Temple. While successively serving as the head priest of a Buddhist service Kangakue in Toji Temple, Hoin, the highest ranked monk, and Daisojo, the highest rank in Japanese Buddhism, he was dedicated to the study of the Shingon doctrine so that he has been regarded as the restorer of the Shingon doctrine together with the monk Yukai in Mt. Koya.

His books
Dainichikyo Shoen Oshosho

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