Kohokakumyo (孤峰覚明)

Kohokakumyo (1271 - June 27, 1361) was a Rinzai sect Buddhist monk from the late Kamakura period to the period of the Northern and Southern Courts. His secular surname was Taira. His real personal name was Kakumyo. His pseudonym was Komyo.

Brief Personal History

He came from Aizu, Mutsu Province. He took the tonsure at the age of seven, he was ordained as a Buddhist priest by receiving the commandments of Buddhism at Enryakuji Temple on Mt. Hiei, and studied the doctrine of Tendai sect Buddhism. As he learned that there was extralingual transmission of the Zen dharma 'Zen sect', he practiced Zen meditation under Muhonkakushin, who studied Buddhism in Sung China and was in Kokoku-ji Temple in Kii Province, and further studied the genuine Zen sect Buddhism under Ryozen Homyo in Dewa Province, then under Koho Kennichi in Ungan-ji temple in Nasu, and under Nanbo Shomyo in Hakata Sofuku-ji temple (in Fukuoka City, at present). In 1311, he went to China during the Yuan dynasty, practiced Zen meditation under Chuho Myohon, Kurinseimu, and others in Tianmu Mountain (Zhejiang Province), and returned to Japan. After studying under Nanbo Shomyo in Kencho-ji Temple in Kamakura and Keizan Jokin in Yoko-ji Temple in Noto Province, he founded Unju-ji Temple in Izumo Province.

He raised an army against Kamakura bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun), and was invited by Emperor Godaigo in Mt. Senjozan in Hoki Province where he provided advice to the emperor in response to the question, and conferred on the title Kokusai Kokushi and the Imperial prayer 'Tencho Unju Kosei Zenji.'
Later, he declined an invitation from Nanzenji Temple in Kyoto and lived in Kokokuji Temple in Kii Province. He went up to Kyoto again and lived in Myoko-ji Temple, while conferred Emperor Gomurakami in Yoshino, Yamato Province his mantle and the title of Sanko Kokushi.

His portraits have been kept in Unju-ji Temple in Yasugi City, Shimane Prefecture, Kogaku-ji in Koshu City (former Enzan City), Yamanashi Prefecture, and others.

The town names of 'Hamaderacho' in Nishiku in Sakai City and Takaoka City in Osaka Prefecture originated from the nickname 'Hama no Tera' for 'Daioji Temple' constructed by Sanko Kokushi. There are 'Sanko bridge' and 'Sanko hall' that originated in Sanko Kokushi in 2 chome, Hamadera Suwanomoricho naka, Nishiku, Sakai City.

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