Komyo-ji Temple (Nagaokakyo City) (光明寺 (長岡京市))

Komyo-ji, the Grand Head Temple of the Seizan Jodo sect, is located in Ao, Nagaokakyo City, Kyoto Prefecture.

It began in 1198, when Naozane KUMAGAI (Rensei: Jiro Naozane KUMAGAI) who yearned for Honen, became a believer of him and became Honen's disciple, constructed Nenbutsu Zanmai-do Temple. Subsequently, Honen was cremated here, and a mausoleum hall was constructed. It is said that a brilliant light was emitted from Honen's stone coffin. It is said that Emperor Shijo, who heard of this episode, gave Komyo-ji Temple's imperial scroll.

Historic site of Honen Shonin

Honen's stone coffin: Legend has it that the coffin emitted a light.

Site of cremation: His body was cremated here on March 9, 1228 on the seventeenth anniversary of Honen's death.

Honen-byo Grave: A memorial service for his body was held for seven days and ashes were buried in separate places, a portion of which was buried at this place, and the mausoleum hall was constructed.

Rensho graveyard: Rensho's body in Kumagaya. which was predictive of his birth in the Pure Land on September 27, 1207, was enshrined at Nenbutsu Zanmai-do Temple according to his will.

Cultural properties
Wooden Senju Kannon ryuzo (standing statue of Thousand-Armed Avalokiteshwara) (a work of the early Heian period and an Important Cultural Property), deposited in Kyoto National Museum.

Adjoining facility

Kyoto Seizan College


26-1 Ao Saijonai, Nagaokakyo City, Kyoto Prefecture


It takes about 10 minutes by Hankyu Bus route No. 20, 22 from Nagaokatenjin Station of the Hankyu Railway Kyoto Line.

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