Kosho School Jodo Shinshu (真宗興正派)

Kosho School Jodo Shinshu Sect (the True Pure Land Sect of Buddhism) is one of the religious schools of Jodo Shinshu. The main temple is Kosho-ji Temple of Shimogyo-ku Ward, Kyoto City. It has 486 branch temples.

In 1482, the 14th head of the Bukkoji School of Jodo Shinshu Sect, Kyogo, was embraced by Rennyo, the eighth head of Hongan-ji Temple, and built Kosho-ji Temple in Yamashina. After that it became waki-monzeki (subordinating temple to legitimate the temple) of Nishi Hongan-ji Temple, but it became independent when Honjaku the 27th was in power and became the Kosho School of Jodo Shinshu in 1876. The current chief priest is Honken (本顕) the 31st (the representative as the cooperate body is the head of the temple office).

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