Kueissho (倶会一処)

Kueissho is one of the benefits in the Jodo sect, regarding one's passing into the Pure Land. The term means that those who pass into Amida Buddha's Pure Land can meet Buddha and many Bosatsus in the same place.

This term comes from the following citation of Amida-kyo Sutra; 'Sharihotsu, those who carefully listen to the teaching surely want to attain enlightenment and be reborn in the Pure Land; Sharihotsu, Shozenkon Fukutoku (good deeds and happiness) cannot enable them to be reborn in the Pure Land.'

According to the Jodo Shinshu sect, those who believe in invocation are considered to be reborn in the Pure Land soon after they pass away, and sometimes 'Kueissho' is carved on their tombstones. It expresses their wish to be born in the Pure Land, where their ancestors have already been reborn, and their pleasure to be reborn in the Pure Land.

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