Meihosotetsu (明峰素哲)

Meihosotetsu (1277 - May 5, 1350) was a Soto sect Buddhist monk from the late Kamakura period to the period of the Northern and Southern Courts. His secular surname was Togashi. His real personal name was Sotetsu. His pseudonym was Myoho.

He at first took the tonsure and was ordained as a Buddhist priest by receiving the commandments of Buddhism at Mt. Hiei, then moved to Kenninji Temple in Kamakura and further, visited Keizan Jokin at Daijoji Temple in Kaga Province to become a disciple of Jokin. He practiced Zen meditation for a long period and received Inka, authorization to teach. Later, he practiced Zen meditation under Kyoou Unryo in Dentoji Temple in Kaga Province, served as the chief priest at Taijoji Temple and Yokoji Temple successively, and founded Kozenji Temple in Ecchu Province to become the first head priest there.

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