Tsunoda Mugen (角田無幻)

Mugen TSUNODA (year of birth unknown - 1809) was a calligrapher in the Edo era. His pseudonym was Koryu. He was appointed to Chokuden dai ajari hoin (the highest rank among Buddhist priests). He was called Shosei (a respectful way to call great calligraphers).

Provincial Origin

Tsukuda village, Seta-gun, Kozuke Province (Present: Akagi-machi, Shibukawa City, Gunma Prefecture)

Personal Profile

He was originally a Shugenso (a Buddhist monk who practices at sacred grounds in order to acquire the power of Buddhism), but he intended to become a calligrapher. He received guidance from Toko SAWADA and became a leading authority. He researched the calligraphy of the Jin (dynasty) and Tang. Quite a few of his calligraphy works remain in Koshinzuka (mounds which were deified on boundaries between villages), torii (a gateway to a Shinto shrine) for shrines, Doso-shin (traveler's guardian deity), and others.

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