Myoson (明尊)

Myoson (971 - July 24, 1063) was a Buddhist monk of Tendai Sect in the late Heian period. His grandfather was ONO no Tofu.

He entered into Onjo-ji Temple (Mii-dera Temple) in his childhood, learned Exoteric Buddhism as well as Esoteric Buddhism from Yokei and was instructed in the esoteric points of these two Buddhism's by Keiso. While residing at Enman-ji Temple, he also served as Homu (director of temple affairs) of Onjo-ji Temple and was ultimately conferred the title of Sojo (the highest title of priest). When he was appointed as the head priest of Tendai Sect in 1038, believers of Ennin were furiously offended and petitioned directly to kanpaku (a chief advisor to the Emperor) FUJIWARA no Yorimichi in the following year, 1039. In the face of such situation, he was forced to resign from the head priest of Tendai Sect and Kyoen, who belonged to Ennin's faction, was inaugurated as the head priest. Soon after the above incident, Onjo-ji Temple reported to the Emperor its intention to establish kaidan (Buddhist ordination platform) independently from that of Enryaku-ji Temple, but this was not realized due to the objection of the Sanmon school (supporters of Enryaku-ji Temple). He was appointed to the chief priest of Onjo-ji Temple in 1045 and to the head priest of Tendai Sect in 1048, but he was forced to resign as the head priest of Tendai Sect only three days after his inauguration because of the confrontation between the Sanmon school and the Jimon school (supporters of Onjo-ji Temple). He was allowed to use gissha (ox-drawn carriage) in 1053 and was appointed to the administrative director of Byodo-in Temple in the following year, 1054. In 1060, Yorimichi, who embraced Myoson, celebrated Myoson's 90th birthday.

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