Myozen (明全)

Myozen (1184 - July 11, 1225) was a Buddhist priest of the Rinzai sect who lived in the beginning of the Kamakura period. He also used the alias "Butsujubo."

Myozen first studied under Sugiibo Myoyu of Enryaku-ji Temple and then under Eisai; eventually, he succeeded to the teachings of Eisai. He went to China in the Sung Dynasty in 1223 along with Dogen, Kosho, Kakunen and others. He studied under Myoun of Keifuku-ji Temple and then Musai Ryoha of Keitoku-ji Temple on Mt. Taihaku, the latter of whom was the master of Eisai. After having been in Mt. Taihaku for three years, he fell ill and died at Ryonen-in Temple. Dogen had studied Zen and the precepts of the Oryuha lineage of the Tendai doctrine from Myozen over the nine years of their relationship as master and apprentice. Dogen brought back the remains of Myozen, wrote ''Shari sodenki" (Record of the Transmission of Sarira), and wrote an Okugaki (postscript) on Myozen's kaicho (certificates of reception of Buddhist commandments) and placed it in Eihei-ji Temple.

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