Nenbutsuichie (念仏一会)

Nenbutsuichie means repeating a Buddhist invocation, i.e. Namu Amidabutsu (a single, sincere call upon the name of Amida).

How to chant
In the case of aimauchi (interval drumming), beat mokugyo (a fish-shaped wooden drum) at O. Beat mokugyo strongly at ●, softly at O and moderately at △.

NamuamidaObu, NamuamidaObu, NaOmuaOmidaObu

NaOmuaOmidaObu (which may be repeated any number of times, even a million times)

NaOmuaOmidaObutsu, NaOmuaOmidaObu, NaOmuaOmida●bu
NaOmuaOmidaObu, NaOmuaOmidaObu, Na△muaOmida●bu

More specifically, it sounds like:

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