Nenku (然空)

Nenku (year of birth unknown - August 30, 1297) was a priest of the Jodo sect of the Kamakura period. His secular surname was Abe clan. His azana (adult male nickname) was Nenku. His posthumous name was Raia.

He entered Hieizan Mt. Hiei and initially learnt the doctrine of the Tendai sect; however, he learnt from a priest of the Jodo sect, Ryochu, and learnt the doctrine of the Jodo sect and resided at Nishitani-hokomyo-in temple on the premises of Ninna-ji Temple.
Meanwhile, he became the 4th chief priest of Shojoke-in Temple at Ichijo, Kyoto and made efforts in missionary work of the Jodo sect, and his doctrine was called Ichijo-ryu (Nishitani school.)

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