Nicchin (日鎮)

Nicchin (1469 to June 24, 1527 (old lunar calendar)) was the 12th head priest of Taiseki-ji Temple.

He was commonly called Chigo Kanshu (chief priest at very young age). It is said that he was born in an imperial family and the Kuro-mon gate (black wooden gate) that still exists today was completed in the days of this head priest.

The black wooden gate is a gate in connection with the imperial family.

Brief Personal History
He was born in Shimotsuke Province in 1469.

He received a doctrine from the ninth Nichiu and assumed the position of the 12th Nicchin on October 28, 1482. He was 14 years old.

The ninth Nichiu died on November 19, 1482.

He provided a principal image to Sani Anichigei on January 17, 1489.

He sent a document to Sani Anichigei on July 25, 1490.

He left Fuji and went down to Togoku (eastern country) on November 25, 1494.

He copied Oishiki on July 11, 1508.

He built the Miei-do Hall, the main gate, etc. of Taiseki-ji Temple to establish the structure of the temple on October 16, 1522.

He preached at Dosa Daijobo on September 1, 1525.

He took Raodo as a disciple on October 20, 1526.

He died at the age of 59 on August 1, 1527.

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