Nichiho (日甫)

Nichiho (1607 - 1698) was a Nichiren sect priest in the early Edo period and master of tatebana (standing flowers). He was the fourth Inju (chief) of Honno-ji Temple Tacchu Koshun-in in Kyoto. His pseudonym (pen name) was Daiju-in Ishin.

He learned Kado, flower arrangement, under the second Senko IKENOBO, went down to Edo from 1648 to 1653, and worked actively at a daimyo yashiki (mansion of a feudal lord), including the Kishu Tokugawa family. After that, he returned to Kyoto, worked actively mainly in the Imperial Court and in the society of court nobles, and in 1678 he published 'Daijuin Rikka Sunamonozu, Daijuin Tatehana Sabutsuzu,' a collection of his works selected by himself. Antagonizing Shugyoku ANRYUBO and others, who supported Senyo IKENOBO, Nichiho went down to Owari and Edo and couldn't be active because of Ikenobo's tatebana.

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