Asayama Nichijo (朝山日乗)

Nichijo ASAYAMA (? - November 5, 1577) was a Buddhist monk of Nichiren Sect in the Sengoku period (period of warring states). He is said to have been born in Izumo Province. Many theories call him Chozan NICHIJO, but there was a younger brother called Saemon ASAYAMA in "Tokitsugu Kyoki" (history book by Sir Tokitsugu). His surname seemed to be Asayama. His imina (personal name) was Yoshishige.

He reported to the throne his wish to make temple solicitation for the repair expenses of the ruined Imperial Palace, and was sent a go (name of respect), Nichijo Shonin, by Emperor Gonara. When Nobunaga ODA entered the capital in 1568, he was appointed by Nobunaga as a mediator for the Imperial Palace, later gained Nobunaga's trust, and was awarded a territory in Ise Province. He lost in the shuron (religious argument) against Luis Frois and other missionaries in front of Nobunaga, and after, was made a religious enemy of the Society of Jesus. Also, he failed to entrap Koremasa WADA, who was a Christian, lost Nobunaga's grace, and lost his position around 1573.

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