Nichiju (日什)

Nichiju (1549 to 1623) was a Nichiren sect priest from the Azuchi-momoyama to the early the Edo period. He was from Wakasa Province. His Azana (popular name) was Yoriyuki. His pseudonym (pen name) was Ichinyoin.

In his childhood, he learned Nichiren Kyogaku under Nichiko at Busshinin. He learned the teachings of the Nara period as well as Chinese poetry and Confucianism and became the 12th top priest of Honman-ji Temple. As for the doctrine, Nichiju denied his master, Nichiko's Shakubuku shugi (the doctrine of Shakubuku, the method of propagating Buddhism by correcting another's mistaken views) but accepted the doctrine of Shoju shugi (the doctrine of Shoju, the method of propagating Buddhism by teaching without pointing out mistaken beliefs) and developed it. In 1595, it was discussed whether they should attend Senso kuyoe (ceremony of a thousand priests) which was hosted by Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI as representatives of the Nichiren sect, Nichiju promoted Jufuse from the standpoint of protecting the doctrine and strongly opposed to Nichio, who took the position of Fuju-fuse-gi (nothing could be received or given).

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