Nichiryu (Honmon School of Hokke Sect) (日隆 (法華宗本門流))

Nichiryu (1385 - 1464) was a Nichiren sect priest in the middle of the Muromachi period. His father was Hisanori MOMOI. He was from Ecchu Province. His childhood name was Choichimaru. His pseudonyms were 深円, Keirinbo, and Shojinin. He was the founder of the Happon school (present Honmon school of Hokke sect and Honmon Hokke sect).

First, he was admitted at Onjo-ji Temple, and he performed the ascetic practices by studying under Nissei at Myohon-ji Temple in Kyoto. Later; however, he opposed Getsumei and formed a new school independently. After his teacher's death, he studied hard at Zoshi-do (later called Myoren-ji Temple) in Yanagi no Sakaya on Nishino-toin. Honno-ji Temple, which was renamed to Honno-ji with different Chinese characters in 1433, had been founded in 1429 with the support of a wealthy merchant Sojun KOSODEYA in Rokkakudo-cho, and the temple became one of the main temples for the Happon school together with Honko-ji Temple in Amagasaki (Amagasaki City), which was founded under the auspices of Mitsumoto HOSOKAWA. He propagated to the Chugoku and Shikoku districts of Setouchi and founded quite a few temples.

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