Nihon Ojo Gokuraku-ki (日本往生極楽記)

"Nihon Ojo Gokuraku-ki" (Japanese-version collection of memoirs of persons who became Buddha) refers to ojoden (stories of the attainment of rebirth in the Pure Land) compiled by YOSHISHIGE no Yasutane (year of birth unknown - 1002) in the middle Heian period. It is considered that the document was compiled during the Kanna era (985 - 987).

Ojoden refers to a memoir of a person who reached the celestial realm (the Pure Land of Amitabha (Amida Buddha)) and was transformed to Buddha or to the collection of such memoirs, and "Nihon Ojo Gokuraku-ki" is considered the oldest ojoden in Japan. This document, a collection of memoirs of 45 persons who reached the celestial realm and became Buddha, including Prince Shotoku, Imperial family members, Buddhist monks, and laypersons, was compiled based on Yasutane's worship of the Pure Land.

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