Nisshin (of the Nichiren Sect of Buddhism) (日真 (日蓮宗))

Nisshin (1565 - May 17, 1626) was a monk of the Nichiren Sect of Buddhism from the Azuchi-Momoyama period to the Edo period. His azana (adult males nickname) was Esho 慧性. He called himself Tokoin. Nisshin was kaisan (a founder of temple as the first chief priest) of Kumamoto Honmyo-ji Temple (now in Kumamoto City).

He became the 12th chief priest of Myoden-ji Temple in Kyoto, and upon receiving the conversion of Kiyomasa KATO, the lord of the Kumamoto-jo Castle, to Buddhism, he erected Honmyo-ji Temple in Osaka. In 1592, Nisshin accompanied Kiyomasa to Korea to offer prayers for victory in the campaign. In addition, Honmyo-ji Temple was later relocated to the vicinity of Kumamoto-jo Castle.

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