Nyoho (如宝)

Nyoho (731 - February 19, 815) was a Ritsu sect monk from China through the Nara period to the Heian period. His native place, described as 安如保 or 如保, has not been confirmed.

He studied under a Chinese Ritsu sect monk Ganjin, came to Japan with him in 754, and was ordained as a Buddhist priest by receiving the commandments of Buddhism at the ordination hall of Todaij Temple. He had once lived in Yakushiji (in present Shimotsuke City), and after the death of Ganjin, he returned to Toshodaiji Temple and lived there at the request of Ganjin, and worked for constructing the temple cathedral and exalting Ritsu sect. In 797, he was appointed Risshi, an administrative position, and in 806, appointed as Shosozu, another administrative position. According to the Obituary of "Nihonkoki"(Later Chronicle of Japan), he followed religious precept and was a man of dignified presence.

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