Onriedo (abhorrence of living in this impure world) (厭離穢土)

"Onriedo (also called Enriedo)," a term associated with the Jodo (Pure Land) sect, is often used to express an antithesis with Gongujodo (seeking rebirth in the Pure). It means to evade and leave this corrupt world as the unclean land (the defiled world), and to yearn to go to the paradise of Amida Buddha because it is the pure land. Its origin derives from the name of the opening chapter of "Ojoyoshu (Buddhism book)" by MINAMOTO no Makoto (a court noble), the content of which shows the basic characteristics of the thoughts of the Jodo sect as well as Gongujodo.

"Onriedo-Gongujodo" was used by Ieyasu TOKUGAWA for his Uma-jirushi (commanders' flag) during the Sengoku Period (the Warring States period).

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