Otani-byodo Mausoleum (大谷廟堂)

The Otani-byodo was the mausoleum of Shinran who was the founder of Jodo Shinshu sect

Shinran died in 1262, and ten years after the Otani-byodo was build. After that a statue of Shinran was placed and it became called Otani-Eido (eido means a hall of image), but it was destructed later by the infighting of the sect.

In 1321, Kakunyo rebuilt the Otani-Eido and changed it to a temple as the Hongan-ji Temple.

Later in 1602, when the Hongan-ji Temple was split, the grave was split into the Otani Honbyo Mausoleum (Nishi Otani) and the Otani Sobyo Mausoleum (Higashi Otani) until now.

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