Priest-Imperial Prince Shoshin (性信入道親王)

Priest-Imperial Prince Shoshin (July 1, 1005 - October 18, 1085) was a member of the Imperial Family and monk in the mid Heian period. His father was Emperor Sanjo and his mother was FUJIWARA no Seishi, the daughter of FUJIWARA no Naritoki. He was the fourth prince of Emperor Sanjo. He was the second monzeki (successor of a temple) of Shingon sect Ninna-ji Temple. He was commonly called O-Omuro. His imina (personal name) was Moroakira, his pseudonym (a pen name) was Komyojuin, and his Mitsugo (name given in Kanjo (a ceremony to be the successor)) was Kongogyo.

He was given the title of Imperial Prince in 1011. He entered into the priesthood in 1018 and was given Denpo Kanjo (ceremony to invest someone with Ajari (rank of master)) from Seijin of Ninna-ji Temple in 1023. He visited Mt. Koya in 1059 and performed the Buddhist rite of burning Goma (holy fire) for more than eight hundred days and vowed to build, with an imperial order, Kanjo-in Temple on the top of Mt. Koya. He served as a kaishi (the priest who imparts the Buddhist commandments) for Emperor Gosanjo when he entered into the priesthood in 1073. He performed many prayers and esoteric Buddhism services including a cure of Emperor Goreizei's disease and his prayers produced a great effect and he was appointed to a nihon (the second court rank for Imperial Princes) for his achievements in 1083.

His disciples included Kani, Gyozen, and Choshin.

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