Priestly Imperial Prince Dojo (道助入道親王)

Priestly Imperial Prince Dojo (November 7, 1196 - February 28, 1249) was a Priestly Imperial Prince of the early Kamakura period. His father was Emperor Gotoba and his mother was a daughter of Nobukiyo BOMON. His name was Nagahito.

He was given the title of Imperial Prince in 1199. In 1206, he became a priest and received religious precepts under the priestly Imperial Prince Doho of Ninna-ji Temple and in 1212, he received denpo-kanjo (consecration for the Transmission of the Dharma). After the death of Cloistered Imperial Prince Doho, he succeeded as the 8th Monzeki of Ninna-ji Temple in 1214. He acted as a Kaishi (priest who imparts the Buddhist commandments) when his father, the Retired Emperor Gotoba entered the priesthood, and in his later years, he retired from the world on Mt. Koya.

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