Shimotsuma Rairyu (下間頼龍)

Rairyu SHIMOTSUMA (1552 - June 15, 1609) was a priest of the Otani family in the age of the Sengoku Period (Period of Warring States) (Japan). He was a son of Shinrai SHIMOTSUMA and the father of Yorihiro SHIMOTSUMA (later Shigetoshi IKEDA, a lord of the Shingu-han domain (Harima Province).

It is said that he was familiar with politics and cultural affairs rather than military affairs among the priests of Hongwan-ji Temple's, and that he communicated with the merchants of Sakai through tea parties and so on. In the Ishiyama War he gained fame on the battlefield against Akimoto HOSOKAWA, who was on Nobunaga ODA's side. It is said that when Hongwan-ji Temple surrendered Nobunaga, he signed the peace treaty jointly. However, when Kyonyo attempted to remain in Ishiyama Hongwan-ji Temple again the following year, Rairyu, who was an aide of Kyonyo, was scolded by Kennyo. Later, he married a daughter of Tsuneoki IKEDA.

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