Arima Raitei (有馬頼底)

Raitei ARIMA (1933 -) is a Zen monk in the present day. The chief abbot of Shokoku-ji Temple School of the Rinzai sect. A descendant of the Arima clan, the Lord of the Kurume Domain.

He was born in Tokyo. He entered the Buddhist priesthood in Gakurin-ji Temple in Hita City, Oita Prefecture at the age of eight. He practiced asceticism in So-do Hall (a hall for meditation) of Shokoku-ji Temple and the like.

Appointed to current position in 1995. He serves concurrently as chief priest of Shokoku-ji Temple, Kinkaku-ji Temple (Rokuon-ji Temple), and Ginkaku-ji Temple (Jisho-ji Temple). He objected to the old capital tax and the verticalization of Kyoto as president of Kyoto Buddhist Association.

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