Ranbakeishi (蘭坡景し)

Ranbakeishi (1417 – March 17, 1501) was a Buddhist priest of the Rinzai sect between the mid-Muromachi and Sengoku periods (Period of Warring States). His other name was Sessho. Ranbakeishi came from Omi Province.

Upon entering Nanzen-ji Temple, Ranbakeishi became a pupil of Daimobonki, carrying over his master's dharma and studying Chinese poetry under various people including Kiseireigen and Zuiganryusei. Subsequent to becoming the chief priest of Rinsen-ji Temple in 1475, Ranbakeishi successively held the post of chief priest of various temples such as Shokoku-ji Temple, Toji-in Temple and 常在光寺 and created 仙館軒 (later called 仙館院) on the grounds of Nanzen-ji Temple. Ranbakeishi was given an important post by Emperor Gotsuchimikado, and gave lectures on various subjects including poetry to the emperor.

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