Richu-nyoo (理忠女王)

Richu-nyoo (September 26, 1641 - October 9, 1689) was a Buddhist nun of the early Edo period. Her father was Emperor Gomizunoo. Her mother was Takako KUSHIGE. Her childhood name was Kashi no miya. She was the 21st Monzeki (in this case, successor of a temple) of Hokyo-ji Temple in Kyoto.

In 1656, she entered Hokyo-ji Temple and underwent tokudo (entry into the Buddhist religious orders), and chose her hoi (imina (personal name) used by Buddhist officials) as Richu and posthumous name as Gizan. In 1681, she became the manager of Keiai-ji Temple and was permitted to wear purple (purple costume of high priest which requires permission), and was given the title of In as Kotoku-in in 1689.

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