Ryoankeigo (了庵桂悟)

Ryoankeigo (1425 - October 3, 1514) was a Buddhist monk of Rinzai Sect in the mid-Muromachi period and Sengoku period (Period of Warring States) (Japan). His imina (real personal name) was Butsunichizenji.

He succeeded the teachings of Daigihosin, a monk of Shinnyo-ji Temple in Yamashiro Province, and became the chief priest of Tofuku-ji Temple in 1478 after serving at Anyo-ji Temple in Ise Province. He established his reputation thanks to the recommendation of Sanetaka SANJONISHI and often preached Zen teachings at the Imperial Court. He was appointed as the senior envoy of Kenminshi (Japanese envoys to Ming Dynasty China) in 1506 and in 1511, he went to Ming and was involved in the price negotiation of trade products while exchanging with cultured persons there. He returned to Japan in 1513 and from then, he resided at Nanzen-ji Temple and Tofuku-ji Temple Daiji-in.

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