Ryoshonyudo Shinno (良尚入道親王)

Ryoshonyudo Shinno (January 16, 1623 - August 6, 1693) was the Monzeki (head priest of temple who was a member of the Imperial Family) of Kyoto Manju-in Temple in the early Edo period. His father was Imperial Prince Hachijonomiya Toshihito. His mother was Joshoin, a daughter of Takatomo KYOGOKU who was the lord of Miyazu Domain in Tango Province. His childhood name was Ninomiya. His secular name was Katsuyuki/Hirotsue.

He became a disciple of Manjuin no miya and also became the adopted child of the Emperor Gomizunoo in 1632. He was conferred the title of Imperial Prince by the Imperial proclamation issued in August 1634 and in September, he entered the Buddhist priesthood at Manju-in Temple. After he was appointed as head priest of the Tendai Sect in March 1646, he moved Manju-in Temple, which had been located at a place near to the current Kyoto Imperial Palace, to Ichijoji village in Rakuhoku in 1656 and improved its garan (ensemble of temple buildings). He resigned from his post at Manju-in Temple in April 1687 and called himself Tenshoin thereafter.

He was known as a person of culture since he learned paintings from the brothers Tanyu and Naonobu KANO, practiced Ikenobo-school flower arrangement and was well versed in classical literature.

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