Sangege (懺悔偈)

Sangege is a gemon taken from Shijukegon Fugengyoganbon.

It is often referred to as Sangemon.

Sange means repentance in this corrupt world.

As well as Kaikyoge, Sankiemon, Seigan (Shiguseigan), and other gemon, Sangege is widely used for daily sutra chanting by lay believers of various sects of Buddhism in Japan, and is often read in the kanbun (Chinese classics) style.


我昔所造諸悪業 (Gashaku shozo shoakugo)
皆由無始貪瞋癡 (Kaiyu mushi tonjinchi)
従身語意之所生 (Ju shingoi soshosho)
一切我今皆懺悔 (Issai gakonkai sange)

Translation (Japanese)


Translation (English)

All bad karma that I have created in the past is
Due to tonjinchi, or the three kleshas poisoning the heart of man (desire, ill will and ignorance), that have been accumulated since ancient times.

It derives from three kinds of karma arising from physical action, speaking, and thinking.

Now I repent all of them.

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