Seicho no Ie Uji Bekkaku Honzan (生長の家宇治別格本山)

Seicho no Ie Uji Bekkaku Honzan is the bekkaku honzan (special head temple) of Seicho no Ie, which is centered around Hozo-jinja Shrine in Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture. The temple was built in 1960. The enshrined deities of Hozo-jinja Shrine are the Great God of Seicho no Ie, Okuni nushi no okami (Great God of the earth), Kanzeon Bosatsu (the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy), Jizo Dai Bosatsu (Great Jizo Bodhisattva; Guardian Deity of Children) and Amida Nyorai (Amitabha Tathagata).

It is known within the religious group as the place in which to hold memorial services for spirits such as ancestors, eitaikuyo (services held on the anniversaries of the dead who were for long periods in charge of a temple, and other occasions), and unborn babies due to miscarriage. Once the perpetual religious service was held, he or she was worshipped as Reigu Seishimei Bosatsu.

It's one of the facilities in which Shinyu Kigan (prayer to God for healing) was held.

The monthly 'Hozo (Treasure House)' is published with the life-experience stories of several dozen people.

The Saint Sutra of 'Kanro no Hou' is read aloud each day.

Uji-jinja Shrine, Uji kami-jinja Shrine and Kosho-ji Temple are located opposite the Uji-gawa River. The region here was once called Nansebo and is where 'Anyoshu,' which stored the treasures of Byodo-in Temple, was present. Seicho no Ie Sohonzan' Ryugu Sumiyoshi Hongu Shrine in Saikai City, Nagasaki Prefecture, is the grand head temple, as distinguished from bekkaku honzan. There is also the Hozo-jinja Shrine in Brazil (completed in 1957).

Main Festivals
Reigu Seishimei Bosatsu and Reigu Seishimei Kaiin Shotsuki Meinichi Kuyosai (the anniversaries of one's death after the first anniversary of members of Reigu Seishimei)
Hozo-jinja Getsujisai (monthly mass) and Zenkoku ryuzanji muenrei kuyotokuyo Getsujisai (monthly mass for aborted fetuses)
Suekazu Inari-jinja Shrine Getsujisai (monthly mass of Suekazu Inari-jinja Shrine) and Seirei Shokon-jinja Shrine Getsujisai (monthly mass of Seirei Shokon-jinja Shrine)

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