Seki Seisetsu (関精拙)

Seki Seisetsu (1877 - 1945) was a Zen priest of the Rinzai Sect who lived from the Meiji period to the Showa period.

He was from Hamasaka-cho (current Shinonsen-cho), Hyogo Prefecture. He practiced Zen under Hashimoto Gazan and Takagi Ganken (元硯) and received a certification of enlightenment. In 1922 he assumed the position of the seventh chief abbot of the Tenryu-ji School of the Rinzai Sect. He was the 240th chief priest of the Tenryu-ji Temple in Kyoto. He raised many disciples as the master of the Tenryu Sodoshi family (priestly teacher family of Tenryu-ji Temple). Among his disciples, Seki Bokuo, Omori Sogen and Kosho SHIMIZU are famous. He was also good at painting.

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