Senkan (千観)

Senkan (918-January 23, 984) was a priest of the Tendai Sect in the mid Heian period. His father was TACHIBANA no Toshisada who was the Sagami no Kami (governor of Sagami Province) and child of TACHIBANA no Kimiyori.

Brief Personal History

Senkan entered the priesthood at Onjo-ji Temple and received the religious precepts. He learned about the Tendai Sect under Gyoyo (Unsho according to another account). Later on he was influenced by Kuya and devoted himself to the Jodo (Pure Land) sect and prepared the "Praise of Amida" as the first Wasan (Japanese hymn) to educate the masses. In 962, he secluded himself on Mt. Mino in the Settsu Province and trained in Jodo practices. By imperial command in 963, he prayed for rain and allegedly made a Kizui (auspicious omen) occur. Senkan was selected to debate for discourses on Owa Shuron, but declined the offer and went to revive the Konryu-ji Temple in the Settsu Province (Takatsuki City) (Ama-dera Temple) where he lived. In 970 he was initiated by Gyoyo on the three divisions of the great pantheon. He was always spreading the Hassei Jugan teachings, which were the standard for Nenbutsu (Buddhist invocation) devotees, and formed Jodo-sect-believer groups.

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