Ikenobo Senkei (池坊専慶)

Senkei IKENOBO (the dates of his birth and death were unknown) was a Buddhist priest of Kyoto Choho-ji Temple (Rokkakudo) in the middle of the Muromachi period.

Brief Personal History

He became famous during the period from 1469 until 1487 as a superior of Tatebana (standing flowers) and according to 'Hyakuhei Kanojo' (records of flower arrangement by a hundred people) (completed in 1600) compiled by Shocho GEKKEI, a Buddhist monk of Kyoto Tofuku-ji Temple, he is deemed as the founder of Ikenobo School. According to 'Hekizan Nichiroku' (a diary of the monk Daikyoku, 15th century) (1459 - 1464, 1465 - 1468) written by Zen priest Daikyoku, Senkei in 1462 arranged tens of flowers in a golden vase responding to the invitation of the Sasaki clan, shugo (constable) of Omi Province, and many of the dilettantes inside the capital competed to see it.

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