Sentei (専貞)

Sentei (1660 - September 25, 1698) was a priest of the early Edo period. He was a younger brother of Yoshio OISHI, a well-known figure in Chushingura (The treasury of Loyal Retainers).

Sentei was born as the second son of Yoshiaki OISHI, a vassal of the Asano clan of Ako Domain. His mother was Kumako IKEDA, a daughter of Yoshishige IKEDA who was a senior vassal of the Ikeda clan of Okayama Domain. Since he was a child born out of wedlock, he became a priest at Onishibo of Iwashimizu Hachimangu Shrine. It should be noted that the youngest son of his uncle Yoshikazu KOYAMA was adopted by his brother Yoshio OISHI and then became a priest named Kakuun at Hachimanyama Onishibo, therefore becoming a disciple of Sentei. He died on August 22, 1698. He died at the age of 39.

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