Shingon (literally, truthful utterances) (真言)

The term "shingon" or "Sanskrit mantra" refers to sacred utterances, derived from Mikkyo scriptures (Esoteric Buddhism scriptures) such as Daibirushana Jobutsu Jinbenkaji-kyo Sutra (Mahavairocana Sutra). The term has shifted to mean the utterances of Buddha.

The 'shingon' of the Shingon sect also derives from that mantra. What is important about the shingon is its pronunciation; therefore, the words have been kept untranslated but have been transcribed.

It is written in Chinese transliteration of the Sanskrit as 呪 (ju) or 明呪 (myoju).

In addition, "Darani," a relatively longer mantra, is often misinterpreted as the mere difference between short and long mantras, but is derived from a totally different origin. The shingon was introduced in the written form of Chinese characters or Sanstkrit characters.

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