Shingyo (真興 (僧))

Shingyo (935 - December 7, 1004) was a Buddhist monk of the Hosso and Shingon sects during the middle Heian period. He was also called Kojima Sozu and Kojima Sendoku.

He studied the Hosso doctrine under a monk Chuzan of Kofukuji Temple, and later he received the sacred teachings of Buddha from a monk Ninga in Yoshino. At first, he lived in Tsubosakadera Temple, and then in Kojimadera Temple, and built Kangakuji Temple in the precinct of Kojimadera Temple and established esoteric Buddhism Tomitsu Kojima line. In 1003, he served as an instructor of the Yuimae, a religious service, at Kofukuji Temple and in the next year 1004, he was appointed an administrative position Gonrisshi in recognition of the services, but he declined the appointment. During this period, he prayed for recovery of Emperor Ichijo from his illness, and conferred upon Kojimadera Temple Ryokai Mandara. In 1004, he served as an instructor in Gosaie (the New Year lecture on sutra at the Imperial Palace), and was appointed an administrative position Gonshosozu, and on June 19, 1004, he died at the age of 71.

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