Shinkan (真観)

Shinkan (1275 - July 16, 1341) was a Ji sect priest from the end of the Kamakura period to the period of the Northern and Southern Courts (Japan). His formal name was 浄阿弥陀仏. His go (pseudonym) was Shinkan. He was from the Makino clan of Kazusa Province. He was the priest of the Ji sect, in the Shijo school.

He entered priesthood at a young age, first learning perseverance and religious precepts of the Gokuraku-ji Temple in Kamakura. Then he learned Zen from Kakushin SHINCHI of the Kokoku-ji Temple at Yura, Kii Province, received the prophecy at Kumano Shingu and changed his name to 一阿. In 1300, he studied with the Tokimune Yugyo Shoni, the second generation Ta Shinkyo (the second Traveling Saint) at Itabana, Kozuke Province, and lived in the Muryoko-ji Temple in Toma, Sagami Province. In 1309, he went to Kyoto and lived in Gidarin-ji Temple, and in 1311, while he prayed for the safe delivery of the baby for Kogimonin FUJIWARA no Yasuko, the high ranked lady of court for Emperor Gofushimi, for which he was awarded the land of Shijo Kyogoku in Kyoto, and then changed the name of Gidarin-ji Temple to Konren-ji Temple (Kyoto City). Thereafter, the successive chief priests of the Konren-ji Temple assumed the name 浄阿弥陀仏.

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