Shinku (Jodo sect) (信空 (浄土宗))

Shinku (1146 - October 15, 1228) was a priest of the Jodo sect from the latter Heian period through the early Kamakura period. His father was Yukitaka HAMURO. His azana (adult male nickname) was Shoben. His bogo (assumed name) was Horenbo. He was also called Shirakawa Shonin.

He received Endon bosatsukai (the bodhisattva precepts of the sudden and perfect teaching) from Eiku of Kurodani in Mt. Hiei, and later he learned about the Jodo sect under Honen, who was the founder of that sect in Japan; additionally, he served as his anideshi (senior apprentice). In 1204, resulting from the suppression of the Jodo sect by the Tendai sect, he endeavored to write 'Shichikajo Seikai' (The Seven Articles of Religious Commandments) as shown by Honen, and when Honen was banished he strived to maintain the Jodo sect in Kyoto. After the death of Honen, he was placed in charge of Kurodani honbo, Shirakawa honbo and their sutras, and that group came to be called Shirakawamon.

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