Shinku (Shingon Ritsushu sect) (信空 (真言律宗))

Shinku (1231 - February 28, 1316) was a Buddhist monk of the Shingon Ritsushu sect in the late Kamakura period. His pseudonym was Jido.

He was from Yamato Province. Having listened to the lecture given by Eison, who was invited to his home, Shinku became a disciple of Eison at the age of 12 and entered the priesthood at Saidai-ji Temple (Nara City). Shinku helped his master with the restoration of Hannya-ji Temple and became an acting chief priest. Later he served as Joshu, the head of the group, as he was engaging in the restoration of Daigorin-ji Temple by his master. In 1290, Shinku succeeded to the manager of Saidai-ji Temple, following the will of his dying master Eison. He imparted Gusokukai, the full precepts, to Emperor Gouda and Dantenmonin ITSUTSUJI no Chushi and also conducted propagation in various places, including Bonmo fusatsu (self-reflection and penitence according to the Brahmajala Sutra) in Mt. Jubu in Sanuki Province in 1306. He also restored provincial monasteries in various places together with his senior apprentice Ninsho from Gokuraku-ji Temple (Kamakura City) and made these monasteries branch temples of Saidai-ji Temple and Gokuraku-ji Temple.

After his death, Shinku was given the posthumous title of senior priest Jishin by Emperor Godaigo, the son of Emperor Gouda and Dantenmonin.

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