Shinnyosanmayado (真如三昧耶堂)

Shinnyosanmayado was built by Daigo-ji Temple, Sohonzan (the head temple of a Buddhist sect) of the Daigo school of the Shingon sect in 1997, in order to solemnly display the righteous behavior of Shinjo ITO, who was the founder of the sect of a religious corporation of Shinnyoen Buddhism.

The place where Shinnyosanmayado was built-- the site of the Hokke Sanmai-do, which was constructed soon after Daigo-ji Temple was built (it was burned down in a battle on September 24, 1470)--is located at the bottom part of Daigo-ji Temple, marking the realization of Emperor Daigo's wish.

Consequently, one of the systems of religious teachings of Shinnyoen Buddhism, called Shinnyo mitsu (Shinnyo Esoteric) (named by the head priest Yushu OKADA, who was from the Daigo school of the Shingon sect) was established as 'Shinnyo Sanmaya School.'
It is said there was no contrary opinion from the various schools of the Shingon sect. The system of teaching Shinnyoen Buddhism is also referred to as the Shinnyo-en sect.

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