Shinsho (真紹)

Shinsho (1167 - August 1, 1230) was a priest of the Tendai Sect from the latter part of the Heian period to the early part of the Kamakura period. His father was Mochihito-o, the son of the Emperor Goshirakawa.

He became a priest in 1183 and studied at the Tendai Sect under the sojo (highest ranking priest) Jien of Mt. Hiei. He served as the priest praying for the three Emperors: Emperor Gotoba, Emperor Tsuchimikado and Emperor Juntoku. He assumed the position of Tendai zasu (chief priest of the Tendai Sect and Enryaku-ji Temple) in 1203, and was appointed to daisojo (the highest position in the Buddhist priesthood) in 1204. He also served as betto (the superior of a temple) of Shitenno-ji Temple.

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