Shojin Otoshi (the end of maigre days) (精進落とし)

Shojin Otoshi originally referred to shifting from maigre meals back to normal meals after the completion of chuin (a period of mourning lasting seven weeks). It is also referred to as Shojin Ake or Shojin Age.

Today, however, Shojin Otoshi is held at a banquet in a memorial service on the sixth day after a person's death, after returning from the crematory to reward the priest and facilitators for their services.

Procedures of a Shojin Otoshi banquet (example)

The mourner and bereaved family prepare foods and drinks to serve to visitors.

The order of precedence is the priest and facilitators, friends, close relatives, and the mourner and bereaved family, from the top to foot of the table.

After the greeting from the mourner and the message from the priest, attendants have foods and drinks. The mourner goes round the table to thank every attendant.

The banquet lasts for an hour or two. After the closing address, the mourner gives Ofuse (an offering) to the priest as the fee for assigning the posthumous Buddhist name and reciting sutras.

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