Shonen (称念)

Shonen (1513 - August 27, 1554) was a Buddhist monk of the Jodo Sect in the Sengoku Period (Period of Warring States) (Japan). His original family name was FUJITA. His azana (adult males nickname) was Gino. His pseudonym was Sanrenja-enyo. He was born in Edo.

He studied the Jodo Sect under Shugyo of Zojo-ji Temple in Edo and Soto (祖洞) of Iinuma Gugyo-ji Temple in Shimosa Province, and later founded Tenji-an Temple in Edo. He then pursued senju-nenbutsu (repeating the name of Buddha without conducting any other religious training) at Isshin-in Temple in Kyoto, and became the founder of the Shasei School of the Jodo Sect.

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