Shoryoe (聖霊会)

Shoryoe refers to Daihoyo (major Buddhist memorial service) for the anniversary of Prince Shotoku's death. It is held by Shitenno-ji Temple and Horyu-ji Temple, which are the temples associated with Prince Shotoku. It is held each year by Shitenno-ji Temple, and once every ten years by Horyu-ji Temple.

Shitenno-ji Temple holds it on April 22 each year (originally on February 22 in the old calendar). The Bugaku (traditional Japanese court music accompanied by dancing) of Shoryoe performed at Ishibutai (stone stage) as one of the three famous stages observes the tradition of Tennoji division of Sanpo gakuso (organization of transmission of Bugaku, ancient court music), which is Important Intangible Property of Folk Culture.

Horyu-ji Temple holds 'Oeshiki' (ceremony for the anniversary of Founder's death) from March 22 to 24, the anniversary of the month of Prince Shotoku's death (in the old calendar) each year, and no Daihoyo. However, especially Daihoyo (Daieshiki) held once every ten years is called 'Shoryoe,' and Bugaku, which observes the tradition of Nanto division of Sanpo gakuso, is also dedicated.

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