Shoshu (聖守)

Shoshu (1215 - December 26, 1291) was a priest of Todai-ji Temple in the mid Kamakura Period
Shoshu's father is Todai-ji 厳寛 and Shoshu is an elder brother of Kaidan-in Ensho. Shoshu is also known as Chudo Shonin.

Shoshu studied the doctrine of Sanron sect under Jukei of Tonan-in of Todai-ji Temple and Shingon Esoteric Buddhism under Kenjin of Hoon-in of Daigo-ji Temple. Shoshu founded Shinzen-in at Todai-ji Temple as a dojo-seminary for Sanron research and study. Shoshu also founded Shingon-in Mantra Hall, Shingon-in kanjodo (a hall for Esoteric consecrations of Shingon-in), and Seinan-in in a bid to revive Shingon Esoteric Buddhism. Afterward, Shinzen-in became chokugansho imperial praying site for Emperor Gofukakusa and Seinan-in for Emperor Gosaga. In the meantime, Shingon-in was recognized as a dojo-seminary for nation protection.
Shoshu was named Zotodaiji Daikanjin (priest to collect contributions for the construction of Todai-ji Temple)

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