Shoshun (承俊)

Shoshun (year of birth unknown - January 9, 906) was a priest of the Shingon sect in the early to the mid Heian period.

He entered the priesthood at Kofuku-ji Temple in Nara, and later, he learnt Hosso Yuishiki (consciousness-only, the basic doctrine of the Japanese Hosso school) at Todai-ji Temple.
He became a Risshi (Buddhist priest) from the post of Igishi (master of deportment) and Dai-igishi (upper igishi.)
In 900 when Emperor Daigo built Kaju-ji Temple as a religious service for the repose of the soul of his real mother, FUJIWARA no Inshi, Shoshun was invited to the service and became a kaisan (founder of a temple as the first chief priest).

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