Banri Shukyu (万里集九)

Shukyu BANRI (October 26, 1428 - ?) was a Zen priest and kajin (waka poet) in the Muromachi period. He was from the Hayami clan in Omi Province.

He was born in Omi Province. He became a priest at Yomeiin, Tofuku-ji Temple of the Rinzai Sect in Kyoto, conducted ascetic practices at Unchoin of Shokoku-ji Temple in Kyoto, and studied under Daikei Sokai. He also attended lectures given at Kennin-ji Temple and Nanzen-ji Temple and studied under Shinzui KIKEI of Inryoken Household. When Shokoku-ji Temple was burned down in the Onin war, which started in 1467, Shukyu left the capital for Omi and then other places.

He returned to secular life in the country and, in 1471, moved to Mino Province, where he formed a companionship with Myochin SAITO. Then, Shukyu moved to Owari Province and Mikawa Province and in 1485 he was invited to stay at Edo-jo Castle by Dokan OTA. After Dokan was assassinated by Sadamasa UESUGI in 1486, Shukyu was forced by Sadamasa to stay at Edo-jo Castle for a while. However, later Shukyu visited Dokan's son, Sukeyasu OTA, who was purged from the castle by Sadamasa.

His literary works included "Joshokenki" (literally, records at Joshoken Keep), "Anthology Baika Mujinzo," a collection of Chinese poems about his travels to Togoku (seven volumes and it is said to have been completed in 1506).

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